[permaculture] quarter acre in size

gordonse at one.net gordonse at one.net
Fri Jun 1 14:22:50 EDT 2007

> I was impressed with these folks ability to create substantial growth on
> 1/5th of an acre in Pasadena, CA.
> http://www.pathtofreedom.com/
> regards,
> Dave

They use about 1/10 (10 cents) of their land for food and grow about 6000
pounds of produce per year.  If you used about the same amount for
buildings on the 1/4 (25 cents) acre, you would have 15 cents to grow on
instead of 10 cents.  So if you could produce at the same rate in a
similar climate, you could grow 9000 pounds of food.  And possibly you
could do better with more longer term permaculture plantings maturing.  If
all the buildings were flat topped that would gain you some additional
space as well.

gordonse at one.net

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