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Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 09:26:46 EDT 2007

>  the Permaculture Institute (Bill Mollison)
 > should be the gateway for Permaculture.com.

Don't you mean Geoff Lawton?  See permaculture.org.au for details.  Bill is still out there, but Geoff has been running the Institute for some time now.  As best as I understand, Bill's health has improved greatly.  Geoff has been seeking permies to take up consulting positions all over the place (big mult-million $ projects going in the Mideast).

Contact Geoff at geoff at permaculture org au

While we are discussing such things as this, who has sent in their $25 and PDC class notes to Tagari for certification as a Permaculture Trainer?  There are less than 30 certified teachers world wide.  I understand Bill and David not being listed, but all should consider this step in terms of consistency (PDC course content consistent with the Design Manual and presented by someone who took the PDC themselves).

Only those listed on this page may issue the PRI/Tagari official certificates.  Geoff guessed around eight were still being processed from the US alone when I spoke with him a few weeks ago (High Falls, NY).  Geoff will list courses by certified Permaculture teachers on his PRI web site upon request.


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