[permaculture] Definition of area measurement; quarter acre in size

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
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	Concerning domain name/dotcom issue, there is a very successful
web host company from Canada called SiteBuild and others with similar
products. Their focus is search engine optimization and they produce
remarkable results with domain names that on the surface seem strange.
Sitebuild has consistently supported sites that score in the top 20% in
terms of traffic generated on the net. Their focus is generating traffic
to your site and they are real good at what they do. 
	I know what you mean about the .com I wanted being taken. I've
tried to buy some really good names and the owners have refused to sell
them even though they are not using them. Sad but that's the way it is.

	I agree with you that any permaculture course should be as
comprehensive as possible and include all aspects you mentioned, if any
components are missing then the effectiveness of the course is
diminished. From my own personal experience the best courses involve a
specific project or site and provide students with audio, visual and
experiential opportunities for learning. If I had a choice between a
classroom environment or an on site, hands on course I would always go
for the on site course. They are much more powerful. The advantage of
the classroom environment is that you can teach a multi bioregional set
of design methods that might be overlooked in a bioregional specific
curriculum. I was fortunate to attend a global course taught by Bill
Mollison and Geoff Lawton (October 2000 in Minden La) and consequently
was presented with a host of design solutions that would enable me to go
anywhere on the planet and be effective. We also did a site specific
design project which was great. 
Perhaps a combination of the two is the best approach. 
	Regarding Dan and Cynthia Hemenway, yes I have met them and
quite frankly I found Dan somewhat of a recluse (he would agree with
that) and he prefers to use an online course approach and be left alone
to do his thing, and that’s o.k. 
	Anyway I've really enjoyed our dialog and hope to talk with you
in the future.

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Kenneth Benway wrote:

> Lawrence
> 	I appreciate your reply. I agree that the Permaculture Institute
> (Bill Mollison) should be the gateway for Permaculture.com. Has anyone
> asked DB to relinquish that domain name to the institute?

I don't know but someone should make the effort to pursuade Blume to
give it to Bill.
For my money Blume's work in PC seems to have generated a mindset among
his following
that Mollison's approach and teachings should be replaced with something
more in alignment with
their approach to PC. I have heard such things as teaching about water,
soil, plants, climate, ecology, etc etc
in a PC design curriculum is not worthwhile and that such things as
permaculture schools, political parties,
and the like are much more important.
If people do not know how to maintain their own footprint, become
independent and self sufficient and grow their own 
food and live and eat in a healthy way then they will be lost. These are
things that need to be taught in a PC design 
course and how to do them cooperatively with others and build
communities from a local or neighborhood level to a global

> Actually I'm
> not sure that dot coms are as important as they are made out to be.

Until you need one and can't get the one you want.

> concerns me more here is that since we all know that Permaculture is
> simply the fastest way out of our global mess and that cooperation not
> competition is one of Permaculture's hallmarks perhaps our work would
> best served by not wasting time attacking each other when we have such
> important work to accomplish and so little time to do it. I think both

You are exactly right. There is a critical mass of work to be done and a
multiplicity of projects every one can 
participate in wherever they are.

> Bill M, David H and DB would agree with that. Putting principles
> personalities is something that would move our mission forward more
> effectively.

They would.

> Ken Benway
> Arcadian Design
> St Petersburg, Fl 

Do you know of Dan and Cynthia Hemenway of Yankee Permaculture in

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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