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I agree with your ideas.? We have started a "foodshed" where people are gathering on weekends to trade homegrown produce, seeds and plants. It is definitely building community.? But somewhere down the road, after you have done all that necessary stuff to start and build community, problems will arise both external and internal to the community, anger and frustration will set in, and?difficult individuals will act in destructive ways.?Then the ability of the community to process and handle those problems will become critical.? However, everything you are describing will make it easier to get over the tough issues when they arise.

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To me, it starts with being committed to a place.  Building community is 
organizing speakers to talk at the communtiy center about peak oil, 
sustainable farming, alternative currencies, solar panels, and whatever 
other topic a good speaker can be found.  Organizing gardening classes and 
wild plant walks.  Encouraging bartering and trade with neighbors.  Porlucks 
demonstrating solar ovens, twig stoves, tree pruning, raw foods, mini-cows 
or whatever..  Supporting a local coffeee shop or helping to set up a 
neighborhood supper club.  Offering a site for a permaculture course. 
Helping farmers, herbalists, healers, intentional communities, and 
homesteaders to move into the area.  Participating in local clubs and 
organizations of interest - little league, 4H, Wildlife Mgmt groups, 
cemetary associations, church events, volunteer fire department rallies, 
etc.  .  Getting neighbors together to visit local farmers.  Using services 
from local  businesses whenever possible.

I am certainly not ready for Maori style conflict resolution, although my 
heart wishes it.  But I am working to create the ground for it so my 
children or grandchildren can.


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