[permaculture] Community Building

Marjory Glowka forestgarden at gvtc.com
Tue Jul 31 09:22:14 EDT 2007

To me, it starts with being committed to a place.  Building community is 
organizing speakers to talk at the communtiy center about peak oil, 
sustainable farming, alternative currencies, solar panels, and whatever 
other topic a good speaker can be found.  Organizing gardening classes and 
wild plant walks.  Encouraging bartering and trade with neighbors.  Porlucks 
demonstrating solar ovens, twig stoves, tree pruning, raw foods, mini-cows 
or whatever..  Supporting a local coffeee shop or helping to set up a 
neighborhood supper club.  Offering a site for a permaculture course. 
Helping farmers, herbalists, healers, intentional communities, and 
homesteaders to move into the area.  Participating in local clubs and 
organizations of interest - little league, 4H, Wildlife Mgmt groups, 
cemetary associations, church events, volunteer fire department rallies, 
etc.  .  Getting neighbors together to visit local farmers.  Using services 
from local  businesses whenever possible.

I am certainly not ready for Maori style conflict resolution, although my 
heart wishes it.  But I am working to create the ground for it so my 
children or grandchildren can.


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