[permaculture] Community Building

Katey newtribe at hughes.net
Mon Jul 30 23:04:53 EDT 2007

Tommy wrote:
  This is an area where the
> observation phase was over three decades ago.  

Now, Tommy, you know the the observation "stage" never ends. ;-)  but i 
agree that the article left me wanting, needed more substance.

The upside of the problems with Civilization Collapse in the US is 
people pull together in times of strife.  We will be seeing community 
form as well i imagine.  I find those better thoughts to focus on.  If 
its self-fulfilled prophesy i'm living i'm going make that prophesy as 
nurturing as i can.

Not too many people on the planet have pre-civilization tools, so we 
gather what we can from everyone we meet and use our own ingenuity and 
desire to fill in the rest.  We can do it yes we can can good gosh 
almighty yes we can can


Katey Culver
ecoville architechs

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