[permaculture] Democratic approaches to Permacultures conflicts?

KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Sun Jul 29 09:04:46 EDT 2007

It seems possibly contradictory (and inevitable) to slide to democracy 
from a discussion of permaculture certification.
Contradictory because we live in knowledge we do not control all 
factors. We can study needs of a certain plant or animal in general, but 
to apply that knowledge we must relate to an individual. In fact an 
individual within a group of relationships. "Normative data" of even our 
favorite food's comfortable friends and associates is extremely limited. 
Further, there aren't natural models of stopping and voting before 
acting, nor natural systems that do not include the needs of all members 
and instead just do approximations.
Inevitable because our current models of democracy include a passive 
majority. People who do not trust themselves or their instincts or the 
movement of their life to determine the person with the needed gift for 
their associations. They seek a person with capabilities beyond their 
own, not their own trained differently to help them grow their personal 
capabilities. They need a list or credential to assure themself, this is 
a knowledgeable person. The list/paper declares the person has 
information outside the capabilities of the seeker and assures the 
"expert" will bring a value in. The expert will be responsible for 
needed change.
I'm not judging that as wrong, only as one dynamic. A democratic system 
creates people who treat themself as a statistical norm. Or, more 
validly, not equal to the norm and adjusting for it. The system, like 
their view of nature, is outside themself.
Portraits of professional designers will need to also inform a new 
thought to go with their new system.
Still, a book or "official" list can begin the dialog. What would it 
look like in "officialness?" Gradations by bioregional familiarity? Or 
specialists for new systems in reclaimed area, established systems 
minimum impact-gradual, established systems quick-impact...

How about people who have read many evaluations/descriptions by other 
humans, and stories from the many beings in their association?  They 
could be new to an area and seek introductions, they might need a 
translator to understand another's needs, and they might seek a 
facilitator to empower voices still quiet in their group, to help them 
be a balanced participant in their own story. How does the permaculture 
certification process speak to noting a person who has honed their 
skills of interspecies facilitation? To design with, not for?


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