[permaculture] Democratic approaches to Permacultures conflicts?

Healing Hawk healinghawk at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 29 03:14:49 EDT 2007

During the Vietnam War, Australia had the most egalitarian state in the
world at the time.  The people wanted out of Vietnam and the government was
into listening.  Richard Nixon, then US president, charged George H.W. Bush,
then the director of the CIA, with destabilizing the Australian government.
H.W. did it, and a conservative government in Australia was the result.  I'm
fairly certain Australian troops remained in Vietnam until the US left.  In
the years since then, the Australian government has marched in lockstep with
the US government, having learned their lesson.  If the US government does
this to a friendly democracy, imagine what it's doing in Venezuela now.
Iraq demonstrates, however, that the US military has still not learned to
take a country from its people.  The US government knows how to take a
people's government from them, but not their country.  A marginally good
guerrilla war effort can still do the same thing to the US military machine
that it did in Vietnam - bog it down and kick its ass up between its
shoulders often enough to run the bastard off.  The Iraqis are showing the
efficacy of guerrilla warfare today.  As in Vietnam, the US military
resorted to kicking the asses of the only people they could whip - unarmed
civilians.  I served in Vietnam, and there weren't many of us there then who
didn't realize we were on the wrong side.  Oil, tin, and rubber did not
equal human deaths, to us.  So we invented "fragging," and "friendly fire."
When we returned to the US, the FBI was waging full-scale war on the Black
Panthers.  When the Vietnam Veterans Against the War took a hill from the
Miami Police at the Republican National Convention, Richard Nixon came after
us.  Six thousand people ran counterinsurgency operations out of the White
House.  Then Nixon authorized CREEP to run an operation on the office of the
Democratic National Committee and they got caught.  Congress let Nixon
resign before they impeached him.  By not finishing the job, they created
the monster we have today in the White House - a monarchy that is not
accountable to anyone, anywhere.  This Congress hasn't the cojones that the
Nixon Congress displayed.  There are too many skeletons in too many closets
and Karl Rove knows them all.  So Dubya doesn't let him testify to Congress.
In many failed states, the military would take out the dictator, but in the
failed republic of the US, the military backs the monarch.  Not a single
newspaper, not a single television network tells us the truth.  People like
Roger Moore tell us the truth.  This is the legacy of Vietnam.  The same
mistake was made all over again by the same people who made it in Vietnam.
Nothing can make a people give up their land to the US military.
Governments are generally useless, so they don't matter.  Let the rich
bastards play government, as long as they leave the rest of us alone.  Only
now they don't.  We're paying through the nose for the rich to remain
astride us like the parasites they've always been.  No revolution has
resulted in liberation from the rich since they took down the Crown.
Thankfully, they're about to run out of oil and have to learn other ways to
oppress others.  Nature is going to do for us what we dare not do for
ourselves.  Only we still won't be free.  As soon as the rich learn to
oppress without oil, they will write laws to allow it and we will be
oppressed again.  The Law protects the Haves from the Have-nots.  Government
legitimates The Law.  It's all a mindfuck that benefits no one and destroys
Earth.  We saw this in Vietnam.  Is it any wonder there were no parades for
us when we came home?  No one listened to us then, and no one is listening
to Iraq vets say the same thing now.  Where Permaculture fits into the
solution is it gives us a food supply so we can say "NO" to continuing to
enrich the rich parasites.  Thus we can use praxis to liberate ourselves
from the internalized oppression that keeps us enslaved to the rich.  No one
can free us.  We have to free ourselves, through praxis, or we are set up
for the next oppressor.  So who's teaching us praxis?
Tommy Tolson  
Austin, TX

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