[permaculture] After a Permaculture Design Course, then what? Permaforest Trust program

timwinton timwinton at internode.on.net
Sun Jul 29 00:33:09 EDT 2007

In Australia, Permaforest Trust is offering follow up, long term training to 
assist folks to develop careers in permaculture. See 
www.permaforesttrust.org.au for details.

Also see http://www.permaforesttrust.org.au/talks-and-presentations for a 
powerpoint/video presentation entitled "Permaculture Career Options".



Tim Winton
Permaforest Trust
Lot 3 Hidden Valley Rd
Barkers Vale, NSW
Australia 2474
phone +61 02 6689 7579
fax +61 02 9225 9536


Offering Certificate 4 and Diploma
in Accredited Permaculture Training 

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