[permaculture] Is permaculture easy

Jay Woods woodsjay at cox.net
Sat Jul 28 19:23:19 EDT 2007

On Saturday 28 July 2007 01:59:55 pm Charles de Matas wrote:
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> >Anyone who says or believes farming is easy is certifiably insane;
> with
> >all the cultural lore about the miserable lives of farmers, how could
> There's way more cultural lore about how wonderful it is to live in a
> rural areea and farm (on _any_ scale)
> and that lore is or should be closest to permaculturists. So why all the
> negative stuff about farming?

I can recommend an old book called Our Farm of Four Acres which might 
contribute to understanding. Please don't drink and read.


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