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Natural Building Colloquium Invitation
 <http://www.naturalbuildingtexas.org> www.naturalbuildingtexas.org

In the spirit of strengthening and expanding our community of those
interested in sustainable building, central Texas invites you to attend a
Natural Building Colloquium, October 19-28. Colloquia are gatherings of
people, ranging from experienced to simply curious, who come to learn from
each other, to synergize their experience and to remind themselves of their
larger vision.

Oct 19-28... come one weekend, two weekends or all ten days
Quiet Valley Ranch, Kerrville, TX

In our case, the vision is of a lifestyle and building culture that could
repeat itself indefinitely through successive generations. With careful
searching many of us have concluded that the use of locally abundant,
unprocessed materials such as earth, stone, straw and native timber provide
the structure with which to achieve this vision. Cob, strawbale, adobe,
earthbag, leichtlehm (straw-clay), and timber frame are a few of the types
of systems that exemplify this philosophy. Natural buildings become pieces
of art created with soul and purpose. 

Permaculture, or "permanent agriculture," helps us integrate human patterns
into the landscape surrounding our homes.   As originated by Bill
Mollison, permaculture is the practice of designing sustainable human
habitats by
following nature's patterns, integrating ecology, landscape, organic
gardening, architecture and agroforestry.

There are other important aspects as well: delicious food that nourishes the
body, music, laughter, creativity, families of all sorts, eager minds and
willing hands. We seek to create homes that comfort the body and lift the
soul. If you possess or aspire to any of the above, we invite you to join us
this fall.

Details on presenters, registration, costs, meals and accomodations at

 early registration deadline August 15th 
We hope to see you in Texas this October!


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