[permaculture] After a Permaculture Design Course, then what?

L. Santoyo Designs santoyo at earthflow.com
Fri Jul 27 17:27:40 EDT 2007

Thanks Wes...

Yes, design course graduates can apply to come to work with us -we 
have apprenticeship programs (of sorts) throughout the year.



We don't advertise much because we get lot's of inquirers already... 
but my feeling is that -additional opportunities for graduates to 
learn are already endless... there are countless places one can go 
-practically anywhere the world to gain experience -and in several 
"specialties" under the Permaculture umbrella.  we list some on our 

I run a design firm with irons in many many fires -Our diverse 
services and experiences stem from of course, the unlimited 
applications of Permaculture Design... but are largely due to the 
continued participation and involvement of our annual crops of (so 
called) students -(many of them, of course, are now the ones teaching 
me the new tricks!)  http://earthflow.com/ataglance.php

My next comment is that, like in the UK, The Permaculture Institute 
(USA) is in the processes of addressing these issues and adopting 
"standards" as the Permaculture Research Institute (Australia) has. 
In due time, Scott Pittman, President of The Permaculture 
Institute-USA (oldest pc institute in america) will have more to say 
about designer AND teacher protocols.

Pretty much already well accepted in any Design discipline is that a 
person needs to get lots of experience before teaching or 
designing...  Permaculture Design should be no exception.

Back to mentors...
I am working with the Institute (USA) pitching this idea... I have 
always thought that it is the responsibility of the original PDC 
teacher(s) of the person interested in continuing education -they 
should be the one(s) to help those student find and/or place them 
with an appropriate intern/mentor program -Then continue to monitor 
and assist their progress (like your AA sponsor would!) over the 
equivalent of two years full-time work.  THEN when you think that 
you're ready -together, teacher and student, apply to the 
Permaculture Institute (USA) for a "designer" or "teacher" status of 
some sort.

We tell our students that (some) can continue to work with us, -or if 
they wish to find a mentor, and/or find a new place to work with (or 
go to someone that we recommend). We also highly encouraged students 
to go out and take more design courses -to learn the valuable 
perspectives from other teachers in other places of the world... 
-again, we have some recommendations on our website.

What do other teachers do and/or students think?

And now my biggest Questions...
How many students are there out there that have needed a "designer" 
certificate -and why?

Of course the issues are many -including that (just that much 
"mentor-ing") is a lot of work for the Institute and a lot of 
responsibility for the instructors (-especially an inexperienced 
instructor!) -and a huge commitment -that, in my experience, few 
students ever actually end up committing to.  This conversation comes 
around and around every year or so and ends up being mostly moot 
-maybe will again this time -maybe not -?!?

Other thoughts?


L.Santoyo, Director
EarthFlow Design Works

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>hi jim
>          here a couple that I know of
>                  wes
>TRAINING FOR opportunties for "permaculture design trainee."
>Penny Livingston of Regenerative Design Institute & Permaculture
>Institute of Northern California  PO Box 923  Bolinas, CA
>94924  (415) 868
>offers a two year apprenticeship for a "certified permaculture
>designer" (she has run the program I think for over 3 years and has
>had one grad class )and other Teacher like Larry Santoyo
>santoyo at earthflow.com (SLO County)  has offered some training
>for  "permaculture design trainee'  but I will him  let explain more
>he is on the listserve
>Also check out Geoff Lawton Australai  www.permaculture.org.au

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