[permaculture] best (stealth permaculture) book on edible landscaping?

Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 27 09:08:41 EDT 2007

Gaia's Garden is great.  Considering that you live in CT, you may consider "Edible Forest Gardens" by Dave Jacke.  Dave lives nearby (MA, I think near Amherst) and you may actually bump into him in the course of learning.  For the same reason, being from CT, Gaia's Garden is still seems appropriate (Toby used to live nearby).

Edible Forest Gardens:

The Northeastern USA specific email list:

Dave Jacke participates there.


Jenny Katz <jennykatz at sbcglobal.net> wrote: A friend of mine--a young woman of 26 who has grown up here in  Connecticut farming conventionally (mostly fruit: apples, peaches,  plums, berries)--is planning on going into business for herself  designing edible landscapes. She knows nothing about permaculture,  

I was thinking about Gaia's Garden... would love  
other suggestions and ideas. Her birthday's coming up, and it's the  perfect time to get her something good...

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