[permaculture] best (stealth permaculture) book on edible landscaping?

Jenny Katz jennykatz at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 27 06:39:56 EDT 2007

A friend of mine--a young woman of 26 who has grown up here in  
Connecticut farming conventionally (mostly fruit: apples, peaches,  
plums, berries)--is planning on going into business for herself  
designing edible landscapes. She knows nothing about permaculture,  
doesn't even have experience growing organically, and I would love to  
get her a book that could shape her future (and all of ours!) for  
Good. This book needs to be approachable and readable, not too  
technical; she's a smart woman but not an "intellectual," so to  
speak, and anything too dense is going to go unread, I think.  
Ideally, the book would be stealth permaculture--less theory than  
practicality, but eye-opening when taken as a whole. (Incidentally,  
she's also done some masonry work and plans to incorporate stonework  
into her projects.) I was thinking about Gaia's Garden... would love  
other suggestions and ideas. Her birthday's coming up, and it's the  
perfect time to get her something good...

Many thanks, friendly growing people--

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