[permaculture] "certified permaculture designers"/ who certifies?

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This response from Scott just went to me at first, and I send it out to
all with his permission.
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Scott Pittman wrote:
> All of the information that I am talking about is in "The Foundation
> Yearbook of The Permaculture Academy" compiled by Bill Mollison.  There 
> 10 fields for theses and projects and they are Education, Media, Site
> Development, Site Design, Community Services, Finance and Business,
> Technical Development, Resource Development, Architecture and Building, and
> Research.
> We issue the diploma from the Permaculture Institute and persons issueing
> the diploma are themselves diplomats.
> As far a mentoring goes most of the teachers and practitioners I know are
> pretty busy and mentor when there is time.  I was mentored by Bill Mollison
> but my mentoring entailed teaching with Bill and having him in the back of
> the room, which was extremely unnerving.  The problem I have with mentoring
> is the expectation of the mentoree to receive instruction and experience
> without contributing much, either in labor or payment.  While I understand
> the desire for free education, I don't have the time or the inclination to
> provide such as long as I have to make a living.  When I win the lottery
> perhaps I will change my mind.
> To become a good teacher I believe that one has to observe good teachers in
> the classroom, and participate when one is ready.  This is why Bill
> established the tradition of allowing anyone who is a certificate holder to
> attend subsequent certification courses free of tuition - only paying those
> costs that are incurred by ones attendance ie food, lodging, and venue cost.
> The permaculture institute follows this tradition and the teachers that we
> recommend also follow it.
> Most of the mentoring I do around design is local with local students.
> Since a lot of the design work I do is international it is difficult to get
> the client to pay for the costs of a mentor's travel and other costs.
> Having said all of this I think that we could do a much better job in follow
> up to the pc design course.  We should have a good mentoring and
> apprenticeship program that helps people obtain the skills necessary to
> become good designers and teachers.  The net result of this lack has been a
> paucity of good teachers and designers around the world.  The permaculture
> program mentioned by Robin Francis in this string is the best and only one
> that I know of that provides pc students with a good solid program.  It is
> carried on with the rigor of an academic program within the higher education
> system of Australia.  Perhaps you could give a brief description of this
> program Robin??
> Scott Pittman
> Director
> Permaculture Institute
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> Scott-
> You said:
> "There are 9 or 10
> occupation categories of diplomas which are issued when the applicant has
> presented examples of his/her work and displays competence in the field."
> Who issues these? How might a reader of this list go about attempting to
> acquire
> this diploma? Is there a website on this process?
> Thanks,
> -- Jim
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