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After completing a Permaculture Design Course, students can choose to 
continue their education for at least 2 years of applied work within at 
least one subject area. Then, graduates of the Permaculture Design 
Certificate Course can apply for a Diploma of Permaculture Design.

Applicants can apply for a Diploma in up to three (3) subject areas:

    * Education
    * Finance and Business
    * Media
    * Technical Development
    * Site Development
    * Resource Development
    * Site Design
    * Architecture and Building
    * Community Services
    * Research

Applications must be accompanied by written references or testimonials 
from co-workers and / or employers, field reports, photographs, journal 
articles or other supporting evidence.

Jim wrote:
> Scott-
> You said:
> "There are 9 or 10
> occupation categories of diplomas which are issued when the applicant has
> presented examples of his/her work and displays competence in the field."
> Who issues these? How might a reader of this list go about attempting to acquire
> this diploma? Is there a website on this process?
> Thanks,
> -- Jim
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