[permaculture] After a Permaculture Design Course, then what?

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 26 12:01:45 EDT 2007

Hi All,

Jim wrote:
> Hi Toby-
> You imply below that there is such an animal as "two years of study under a mentor ".
> Is there a list of mentors?
Not that I know of. I'd be happy to place such a list on our website if 
we all would generate it.
> Is there even one person in the US who has done such a program?
Yes. I know several.
> Or mentors who have offered it?
Yes, Peter Bane is one who is currently working with people as a mentor, 
with the intent of creating more diplomaed Permaculturists. I'd like to 
know about the rest who are serving in this way. Also, via Gaia 
University <http://www.gaiauniversity.org/english/>, you can link up 
with Pc mentors.
> If so, where are the ads in the back of the Permaculture Activist
> (the logical place for students and mentors to meet each other)?
It's not for lack of space. So write us already.
> Having gotten a PDC two years ago, I have wondered what one does "officially" to follow up.
> (I'm keeping myself productively busy, but have wondered about the above.)
> Thanks,
> -- Jim
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