[permaculture] Is permaculture easy? (was Peak Oil)

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If you look at the Hubbert curve it is a bell curve, not a cliff, in which case Toby is more or less right.? There will be expensive oil for awhile into the future, not that we should be burning it.??The only things that could make the fall off more like a cliff?than a?bell curve would be?a great increase in hurricanes?that kept destroying oil facilities and/or?some well placed acts of terrorism in the Middle East, both of which are possible.?

In the long run I am far more worried about runaway global warming than peak oil.? Peak oil is an incredible opportunity to change that is being forced on us.

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Hi, Toby,
What information sources do you use that tell you there is three decades of
oil left available to us?  I want very much to believe you are correct on
this.  Thanks.

Tommy Tolson
Ecocity Austin

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