[permaculture] "certified permaculture designers"

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Wed Jul 25 21:18:43 EDT 2007

On 26/7/07 10:40 AM, "Toby Hemenway" <toby at patternliteracy.com> wrote:

> The original certificates
> from Mollison say, in some cases, that the holder "has successfully
> completed a permaculture design course" and other certificates from him
> say "is a permaculture design trainee." Somehow in later iterations by
> other teachers, usually a few generations removed from Bill, people got
> the idea that a PDC made you a professional, certified designer.
> Seventy-two hours is the equivalent of two college classes but with no
> homework, which is not enough to make anyone a designer. Bill has been
> very firm about this, and most of the old-school teachers feel the same
> way. I believe it's generally thought that getting a diploma from the
> Permaculture Institute after two years of study under a mentor is what
> is required to call yourself a certified designer (right, Scott or Robyn
> or any of you long-time Pc teachers?).

Correct Tobi,
The course qualifies one only as a trainee designer and it is generally
deemed that at least 2 years work is a minimal requirement to call oneself a
designer. I'm not sure what the current Pc Institute diploma requirements
are but to get a diploma in "design' one had to complete a minimum of 10
designs. (I now operate with the AQF Accredited Permaculture Training - APT-
certificates & diploma and include the PDC as a part of the foundation
There's also inflated promotion of the PDC (Permaculture Design COURSE) as
Permaculture Design Certificate, but the paper issued at the end of the
course is simply a certificate of COMPLETION not an actual Certificate award
- there's a big difference between the two. The APT Cert IV which trains
people in basic urban & rural design and community development work is a
full-time 2 semester course of 800 hours and I'm confident to call these
graduates "designers".


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