[permaculture] souirce of quality had saws?

Kate Halstead rockyprairie at earthlink.net
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I'm sure there are other places, but my husband has been quite happy with
the quality of axes and hand saws available from Highland Hardware in
Atlanta. He just bought their one-man crosscut, and found it zipped through
things. Here's the link to their two-man version.

On axes, Gransfors Bruks (made in Europe, also sold by Highland) is an
excellent quality manufacturer. Often out of stock, but worth the wait.


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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for one of those old-time two person saw used to cut down trees
or logs.  I think there were called cross-cut saws?  Does anyone know of a
source to buy these?

Also wondering if anyone has iny input on quality axes.  Where to get one,
what to look for, etc.  I absolutely love my scythe, and am really getting
into hand tools.


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