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L. Santoyo Designs santoyo at earthflow.com
Tue Jul 24 18:13:05 EDT 2007

Hello Chauncey,

There are, of course, lots of regulations in and around Malibu for 
Greywater use.  My friend, Cameron Church of EPD Consulting (Los 
Angeles), is a great designer and would have the latest info and 
products. http://www.epd-net.com/

-Legalize Sustainability !!!

Of course, Art Ludwig's website Oasis Designs is THE place to go for 
practical low tech info on GreyWater. http://www.oasisdesign.net/

For a single-occupant trailer I wouldn't mess around or waste time 
with a constructed wetland (your sand and gravel system) 
-Hypothetically, I would just put a small surge tank (after your sink 
trap ) and use a flexible inch and a quarter hose. Just move it 
around under the mulch of your the garden trees and ground covers 
(-remember to stay away from watering any Oaks in the summer time!).

If you come up to the Ranch sometime -you can see our tiny wetland 
system with taro, ginger, celery and water chestnuts etc...

FYI -There is another notable system in your area -a permitted Black 
Water system! designed by Bill Wilson -it's the only one I know of 
and it grows a great orchard... It will be one of our featured field 
trips at our upcoming Design Course...

good luck,


L.Santoyo, Director
EarthFlow Design Works

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>I am doing a green remodel of an Airstream travel trailer I have 
>been staying in in the hills of Malibu, CA.  It is located in a 
>Mediterranean Climate, Zone 10 I believe, dry summers and only 
>slightly wetter winters.
>Part of the project will be running the water used in the trailer 
>for the sink and shower out into a greywater system.  I would like 
>to run the water from the trailer to a bed of plants, but should I 
>have the water get filtered first through some sand and gravel? Can 
>plants be growing in the sand and gravel? What sort of plants would 
>work well for filtering the water in my climate?  Any other bits of 
>advice to throw in?
>Thanks for all the help in advance.  Have a great day.

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