[permaculture] PCer rush to buy land?

Jennifer Nazak jnazak at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 14:21:05 EDT 2007

Another possible consequence of skyrocketing energy
prices is that the entire concept of "centrally
located" vs suburban/exurban could shift. Dying rural
towns could be reborn, and new little town centers
could emerge in places that are currently nothing but
bedroom communities.

Here in the US, I can picture the landscape becoming
dotted with modest-sized, lively towns and cities, as
it once was. Towns situated an easy bicycle ride's
distance from one another. We might see a passenger
rail renaissance. It could be quite pleasant.

> land. When oil prices skyrocket, all those
> exurbanites won't like their 
> $150/week gasoline bill and huge heating bill, and
> will flood back to 
> short commutes in the city. Then we urbanites can
> sell our houses for a 
> mint and live truly sustainably in all that cheap
> rural land.
> Toby
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Jenny Nazak
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