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make sure it runs away from the house. No salt or salty residue, if possible. Have a good strainer in all sink and shower. On the outside make sure to put window screen over the opening remove it once in awhile and shake it clean, don't want bugs etc traveling back into the lines, I use some used gutters I found and set them up close below the greyline that comes out of the wall  for a tight fit (window screen helps keep them overlapping well enough, but I can move a few bricks and swivvel the rain gutter around to another location if one area is not getting enough.
Congratulations, you will feel so proud when you get this working. Trudie


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I am doing a green remodel of an Airstream travel trailer I have been staying in in the hills of Malibu, CA.  It is located in a Mediterranean Climate, Zone 10 I believe, dry summers and only slightly wetter winters.

Part of the project will be running the water used in the trailer for the sink and shower out into a greywater system.  I would like to run the water from the trailer to a bed of plants, but should I have the water get filtered first through some sand and gravel? Can plants be growing in the sand and gravel? What sort of plants would work well for filtering the water in my climate?  Any other bits of advice to throw in?

Thanks for all the help in advance.  Have a great day.


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