[permaculture] PCer rush to buy land?

SArjuna at aol.com SArjuna at aol.com
Mon Jul 23 14:11:51 EDT 2007

     J. Kolenovsky commented that he didn't think there is any rush by PC 
folks to buy land.    I dunno about a "rush," but we are in the process of 
purchasing land ourselves and were astrounded to find how much land prices had risen 
in the last 4 years or so, in the area of SW WI where we were looking.   
Realtors there told us that it's because a lot of folks are interested in moving 
someplace where they can live more sustainably.   

     Our experience certainly seems to confirm this.   When we put a small 
notice up on a natural foods co-op notice board, saying that we were interested 
in buying land in partnership, we had a message from our present partner on 
our answering machine before we got home.    A few weeks later we got a call 
from another party who had been looking for land in the same area and heard of 
what we are doing, and they may join us, too.    Along with friends of theirs 
who also had been looking for land in the same area.     All of us wanting to 
create a permaculture farm community.

     BTW, we still have room for a couple more homes.   And there is another 
terrific property in the area available that it'd be nice to see become a PC 
community instead of some rich guy's private valley.    (It's about 340 acres, 
with some wonderful river frontage, so the price was too high for our group to 

     In the same area, we attended a meeting of some other strawbale/PC types 
who intend to form communities on land already owned by two of the parties 
who hosted the meeting.

     So I think it's accurate to say that in part of SW WI, there is indeed a 
movement going on.

     Shivani in WI



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