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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 20 22:23:11 EDT 2007

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

> Anyone who says or believes farming is easy is certifiably insane; with
> all the cultural lore about the miserable lives of farmers, how could

There's way more cultural lore about how wonderful it is to live in a rural areea and farm (on _any_ scale)
and that lore is or should be closest to permaculturists. So why all the negative stuff about farming?

> anyone think otherwise? Mollison does have some old stories about how
> many people could make a living from one piece of land, and I do think
> those are Bill's fantasies rather than anything he's seen people
> actually do. Bill is magnificent tale-spinner and a great salesman.

He is right on the money. It is possible for any number of people to make money farming on a single communal piece of 
land. Lets hear some encouragement for people going into small farming, doing csa's, farmers markets and local sales.
Thats the wave of the future in case you haven't noticed.

> That's typical for a visionary. There are a few teachers repeating

And there are visionaries to out and do what they preach and put their ideas into practice.

> Bill's stories, and it's a disreputable thing to do. At least make up
> your own. But are there really people coming out of PDCs and
> straightaway buying farms, thinking it's going to be one big party?

Not a party but a very good thing to do and they will be successful if they
follow the right paths.

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