[permaculture] October 15-27, 2007 Permaculture Design Course at Quail Springs with Darren Doherty near Ojai CA

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Permaculture Tea and Talk with Darren Doherty - 
October 13th in Ojai – details TBA

Permaculture Design Course at Quail Springs with Darren Doherty
DATES:  October 15-27, 2007

RECEIVED IN FULL -  $1200 by August 15th ;  $1350 by September 15th
$1450 for payment after September 15th with a 
$400 non-refundable deposit and balance due by Oct 8th
Payment plans and Barter considered on 
case-by-case basis.  Work-trade in kitchen during 
the course is available for those not seeking certification.

This 72-hour certificate program is a 12-day, 
residential design course (camping and meals included) with 1-day break midway.

CONTACT:    Kolmi Majumdar 
<mailto:info at quailsprings.org>info at quailsprings.org  OR 805-886-7239

Permaculture is a holistic approach to land use 
design, based on ecological principles and 
patterns. It aims to create stable, productive 
systems that provide for human needs, 
harmoniously integrating the land with people. 
Permaculture principles can be applied to any 
environment, at any scale - from dense urban 
settlements to individual homes, from farms to entire regions.

This world-recognized, 72-hour course provides an 
introduction to Permaculture as set forth by 
movement founders Bill Mollison and David 
Holmgren. Students are invited to bring details 
of their own sites or potential sites and explore 
site-specific Permaculture solutions. The course 
covers sustainable living systems for a wide 
variety of landscapes and climates.

Course Content
The course includes the application of 
Permaculture principles with specific topics, including:
*                     Theory and principles of Permaculture
*                     Nature-friendly house placement and design
*                     Energy conservation 
techniques for cold and warm climates
*                     Recycling and waste management
*                     Soil rehabilitation and erosion control
*                     Organic food production
*                     Water harvesting and management including earthworks
*                     Drought-proofing
*                     Animal husbandry and Aquaculture
*                     Catastrophe preparedness and prevention
*                     Windbreaks and fire control
*                     Aspects of Community Design
*                     Legal strategies supporting Permaculture solutions

The course will be taught by Australian Permaculture Teacher:

Darren Doherty
Darren has had extensive experience across the 
planet in Permaculture project design, 
development & management, with a focus on 
retrofitting broadacre agricultural systems, and 
has been identified by Permaculture 
Co-Originators Bill Mollison & David Holmgren as 
a pioneer in this important & often overlooked 
field. Darren has taught on over 25 Permaculture 
Design Certificate Courses (PDC's) including co- 
teaching PDC's with both Bill Mollison & David 
Holmgren & a range of other quality Permaculture 
educators. He is a registered teacher with Bill 
Mollison's The Permaculture Institute 
(Registration No. 25), a qualified hole Farm 
Planner (University of Melbourne), Approved 
Keyline Design Consultant, & Accredited 
Permaculture Training (APT) Trainer. More about 
Darren: <http://www.permaculture.biz/>www.permaculture.biz

Quail Springs, the focus site of the course, is a 
450-acre arid-land farm at 3600 feet elevation 
whose caretakers are shaping the land and our 
lives towards a demonstration of sustainability. 
This farm is in its fourth year of development of 
community-built structures, a spring-fed gravity 
flow water system, gabions, swales, pond, tree 
plantings, food forest, animal systems and a great community spirit.

Darren Doherty will be teaching other 
Permaculture &  Keyline Design course in the 
U.S.A. in 2007, see 
<http://www.permaculture.biz/>www.permaculture.biz for details..

Quail Springs
Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm
<mailto:info at quailsprings.org>info at quailsprings.org

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