[permaculture] Blueberry/willow guild design critique

Patrick McKown identi1956 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 17 22:14:53 EDT 2007

Juncus effusus is not aggressive. You see the plant will proliferate only if conditions meet its
needs. It can tolerate very sour ground that most other plants cannot and also where their seeds
will not germinate. Another point showing this person does not know this plant.

Willows that are used in natural fencing can be grown but not with blueberries and certainly not
in a situation where you want to harvest food. You can make a living fence out of them and some
are better than others for this. So google live fences to find the best species and or cultivars.
Also plant on giving some distance from the food stuff or your going to have willow everywhere in
no time. Invasive applies to this plant rather than to Juncus e. and I. psuedoacorus which are
only successful under very prescribed circumstances. 

They need to spend some years in the field before parroting what other arm chair 'botanists' are
proposing. Pass the chips?

Pat McKown

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