[permaculture] Distiller's Dried Grain with Solubles Recipes

Toby Hemenway toby at patternliteracy.com
Tue Jul 17 18:46:15 EDT 2007

woodsjay at cox.net wrote:
> ---- "Lawrence F. London wrote: 
>> If it is intended for livestock you may be taking great risks eating DDGWS.
> Then again I may not. What are the odds compared to human approved.
I once went to my local feed store and asked if the oats they sold were 
okay for me to eat. They looked really shocked and said that a lot of 
the feeds contained de-wormers, antibiotics, inedible (to those of us 
with less than 4 stomachs) chaff, and who knows what else. One of 'em 
said, "I used to work in a feed factory. They're filthy. We'd sweep the 
spilled stuff off the floor along with the fork-lift drippings and put 
it all back in the hopper. No way would I eat what we made." And it's 
for certain that DDGS will have BT toxin in it; over 80% of this year's 
corn crop is GMO. (If you know the story of bt GMOs, you know that they 
are far more toxic than natural bt.)

Organically certified will greatly reduce the odds of getting GMOs, and 
you won't have to worry about de-wormers. DDGS is highly processed and 
is about as dead a "food" (chemical nutrient source, really) as you can get.

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