[permaculture] Permaforest Trust July 07 Update- Big Changes- Taking It to the Next Level

timwinton timwinton at internode.on.net
Tue Jul 17 09:41:41 EDT 2007

Hi Folks,

Permaforest Trust has been undergoing some big changes lately. They're all 
about helping make our work more accessible and about taking Permaforest 
Trust into the next phase of development. We'd like to thank you all for 
your support so far and to invite you to remain involved as we move forward. 
We're changing the nature of these updates to provide you with resources for 
'Post Carbon Transition'- tools for community adaptation to peak oil, 
climate change and other limits to growth.  We'd like to invite you to join 
our website (membership now free) and our 'Trusties' email list for post 
carbon resources and discussion. See www.permaforesttrust.org.au to join. 
Summary of changes and links to our website postings listed below. Please 
email info at permaforesttrust.org.au if you would like to be removed from this 
  a.. Permaforest Trust's Certificate 4 and Diploma in Accredited 
Permaculture Training will be run in Byron Bay starting March 2008. The 
program will train 'Post Carbon Professionals' with a focus on integrating 
traditional hands on permaculture techniques and design with community 
development and project management skills.
    a.. Press Release 
    b.. Course Details http://www.permaforesttrust.org.au/apt/introduction/

  b.. We are pleased to announce that current Permaforest Trust manager, 
Jerome Santospirito, will shortly be co-owner of the Permaforest Trust 
sustainability education centre and demonstration farm. Jerome along with 
partner and long time Permaforest Trust participant, Kaylah Ferguson, will 
make the Trust property their home. Jerome plans to scale up the organic 
farming operations, manage Accredited Permaculture Training interns in the 
fine art of commercial organic growing and continue to develop the 
Permaforest Trust education center (more on planned developments for the 
centre in future updates). Jerome will also be assisting with training and 
assessment in the 2008 Byron Bay Accredited Permaculture Training program.

  c.. Tim's Era of Post Carbon Transition video/powerpoint is now available 
for viewing at 
This is a part of our initial foray into creating rich media resources for 
the web- we are calling it our 'Low Fi is the New Hi Fi' series. We will 
post related content in future updates.

  d.. Trust member and former Accredited Permaculture Training student Tiku 
Peters is now working on a project in India. See 
for a report on her encounter with the ancient Indian science of 
That's all for now. All the best from the Permaforest Trust crew,


Tim Winton
Permaforest Trust
Lot 3 Hidden Valley Rd
Barkers Vale, NSW
Australia 2474
phone +61 02 6689 7579
fax +61 02 9225 9536


Offering Certificate 4 and Diploma
in Accredited Permaculture Training 

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