[permaculture] Peak Oil -

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 16 20:53:35 EDT 2007

Hi, Marjory,
Most curse me for my honesty, rather than thank me.  Thank you for 
changing that. 
I would be overjoyed to have twenty years to get things turned around. 
The neocons have a US military base in every oil-bearing region of the 
world now.  I think you're probably correct about getting all the oil 
out of Earth.  It won't nearly all come out.
This civilization was over at the Great Depression, when we overshot our 
ecosystem's support capacity with one hundred million people.  It just 
had enough money to buy this much time with ghost acreage.  That's a sad 
thing, really.  We'd be a lot better off if it had gone away then.  As 
it is, we have to deal with its fall. 
I planted a food forest before and it fed us (not completely) after only 
two years.  I just don't want to live that way while all that's good 
about the US people goes away.  I think we are going to see an ecocity 
in Austin.  We're at work on preparing our Power Point presentation to 
an interested business owner who has a good site for the first ecocity 
New Agers demand optimism.  I don't buy it, either.  It's going to be a 
hard, hard, hard road.  Most won't survive.  We just have to evolve 
ourselves enough to grieve in real time and go on with the work of 
building a new future with whatever we have at our disposal.  The 
alternative is not acceptable.

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX

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