[permaculture] Keyline vs spring loaded shanks

msnow msnow at valley.net
Mon Jul 16 17:07:15 EDT 2007

Darren and all,

I work with a livestock guy who wonders if the following is an alternative to a keyline plow:

Krause "flex-wing" coulter chisel.  I think it's a combination disc, subsoiler and chisel.  www.krauseco.com/p/4800_p.htm

Spring loaded shankes, curved, "iron guide and heat-treated steel bushing at the top of the spring holder reduce wear and allow the shank to flex.  Greater point loading is available due to the nine-inch triop height."

spring reset chisel shanks...

"parabolic subsoiler shanks (1-1/4" x 36")... better shattering of the soil profile is available between the subsoil shanks - up to 16 inches deep.  Combinations of chisel and subsoiler shanks work to break up deeply compacted layers of soil and maintain the appropriate amount of residue to comply with conservation plans.  

That's question 1.
Question 2.  I have 8-9 inches topsoil and 8 feet of clay below.  Is a keyline plow appropriate for deepening the topsoil layer into something more usable than a table top for holding water?

Many thanks,

Mike Snow

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