[permaculture] surviving peak oil

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 14 14:31:06 EDT 2007

I've just been reading about the mennonites in Belize.  With their low level 
of technological dependence, maybe they would be more able to survive the 
effects of peak oil.

Some conservative groups live as though they were still in the sixteenth 
century. They have long beards, wear traditional clothes, play no music in 
their churches, refuse to use electricity, drive horse and buggies rather 
than cars, while their tractors do not have rubber tires. ... Others are far 
more liberal; they dress in normal clothes, have music in the churches, 
drive cars and pickups and embrace technology. They are some of the most 
prosperous and productive persons in Belize, especially in the agricultural 
sector. Oil has recently been found on Mennonite land and a few of them are 
planning to enter politics.
>>>>>>>>>>>>     Dr. Bruce Paddington

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