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Greg Greg at urbanfarm.org
Fri Jul 13 19:49:45 EDT 2007


Too bad you are f'ed.  What a sad way of looking at it.  Perhaps you 
could look at and expect the good in life.  Life might turn out 
better that way.

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There is another way to live.


>Marjory wrote:
>>  Hi Tommy,
>>  I sincerely appreciate that you are getting it about the end of oil, the
>>  various plans of the neocons, and your calls to wake up.  Yes, its all
>>  happening - its real - and humanity is in for some serious changes.  Anyone
>>  who starts to see this should be scared shitless, and it sounds like you are
>>  there.  That is good.  That is what it takes to make the necessary changes.
>>  What are you doing specifically?  I see you are from Austin by your email.
>>  That is a fairly large city.  Are you growing your own food there?  Have you
>>  constructed a water catchment system?  Or perhaps, dug a pond for fish?
>>  What designs have you implemented?  Have you created a community where there
>>  is a focus towards sustainability?
>I am in the observation phase of designing Ecocity Austin.
>I live in an apartment.
>I'm a disabled vet living on disability compensation.
>I buy all my food, either from the store or the farmers market - or the
>coop, if I drive up there.
>I drive a gasoline-powered car.
>One of my teachers at New College was Richard Heinberg, author of /The
>Party's Over/.
>Basically, I'm fucked.  I'm into designing my way out of there without
>weenying out and designing a groovy farm in Bumfuck, Egypt to avoid the
>marauding hoards of starving urbanites after 2030.  I don't want to live
>if human civilization fails.
>Thanks for responding.
>Tommy Tolson
>Austin, TX
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