[permaculture] Time to pick up our hats?

Jennifer Nazak jnazak at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 13 11:43:44 EDT 2007

Thanks, Shivani, for quoting that excellent passage re
"Picking up our hats." The passage comes from a blog
called Casaubon's Book.

I'm thrilled that others are tuning in to the
Casaubon's Book blog. Written by a CSA farmer in
upstate NY, a mom who calls herself "JewishFarmer,"
Casaubon's book is truly THE BEST sustainability
website I've ever run across. The site is at 

Her latest entry is an extremely detailed, practical
piece on non-energy-intensive food preservation

Her response to the Live Earth concert is priceless

JewishFarmer and another blogger have launched a
grassroots movement called the Riot for Austerity.
Participants have set out to cut their emissions of
global-warming pollutants (in various categories
including gasoline, electricity, purchase of consumer
goods) to *10% of the US average* over the coming
year. I've joined this effort, and have met the
targets in many categories (as a micro-dweller it
isn't hard), but still have work to do in some.



Jenny Nazak
Austin Area Permaculture Group
Austin, Texas, USA

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