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This post demonstrates that whoever in the oil industry wrote it understands nothing about peak oil.? Peak oil does not mean we are running out of oil, in fact there are?probably about a trillion barrels of oil left in the ground as we approach peak.? It means we have reached the peak of production not the end of oil production.? As we approach peak there is more oil pumped daily than there has ever been. But we won't be able to increase the amount pumped anymore at the very time demand is increasing. 

It also means that the oil left is harder to get at and of poorer quality. The easy light crude that floats to the top has been skimmed off and what is left is the heavy crude which is of poorer quality and more expensive to refine.

We know that U.S. production peaked in the early 1970's right when the Hubbert curve predicted it would. Now Mexico, Venezuela, the North Sea and other pools of oil have peaked or will peak shortly. England becomes a net importer of oil very soon.? More ominously it appears the Saudi's are peaking. Production has been down 8% for the last two years.? When Saudi Arabia peaks, and there fields are mostly 60 years old and naturally due to peak, the world peaks.? Matt Simmons, who heads the largest investment bank for the energy industry is convinced that the Saudi's have peaked. He has written a book called "Twilight In The Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock".? In?the book Simmons? has put together an impressive amount of research from journal articles about the state of the Saudi oil industry.? Ghawar, the biggest field in the world is now 50% salt water as the Saudi's pump more and more salt water in to keep pressure up. It has lasted about as long as a major field normally lasts before going into decline. If Ghawar has peaked the world has peaked.

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I suggested some time ago that the Peak Oil issue is just a distraction so get 
back to work, grow your own food, get off 
the grid, start recycling and conserving everything you can, build community and 
your own home and farm, network with 
like-minded friends and more. I read a machinist's forum on the Web. Someone in 
the oil industry posted this today and I 
thought you all might be interested in reading this kind of opinion that is not 
often heard. - LL
Topic: Oil "crunch" coming

You guys are on the wrong side of the oil doom and gloom game.

There is plenty of oil left in Mother earths belly. As oil prices go up, so does 
the R&D into technologies to recover 
more from less. Dollars are spent to go ever deeper.

The deepest wells today are around 35,000 feet.
The journey to the center of the Earth is about
20,925,379.2 feet. Do the math we are scratching the surface so to speak. Terms 
like Ultra-deep, and "price per barrel" 
are all relative are'nt they.

A comparison on relativity....

You pay for bottled water?
If oil was water, you'd be paying $162 to fill up your 15 gallon water tank.

You know what a gallon (liter) of gas costs the average European?

I just came back from Shanghai. You have know idea how good us Americans have it 
with oil.

Last year I made a carrier change due to high oil prices.

I am now in R&D in a oil service company. Higher oil prices means new technology 
and money is being applied into 
extracting more oil from existing wells.

The artificial lift business is growing by leaps and bounds. We are going into 
retired wells and applying new technology 
to extract oil from wells that were declared dried up when oil was at $25 per 
Now that oil is where it is price wise, all of a sudden these old dried up holes 
are flowing gang busters again. That's 
because it is now financially fesable to apply hi tech (expensive relative term 
again) technology.

The paranoia about no more oil comes on like the bird flu or something.
The news casters mention it, and all of a sudden it's an epedimic.

Why not research some news from say 1877.
That was the year Mr. Rockerfeller controlled 90% of the worlds refining 
capacity. You should read the doom and gloomers 
back then.

Remeber a guy named Jimmy Carter?

We have been running out of oil ever since
450BC. That was when Herodotus discovered oil pits near Babylon.

40BC it was on the surface, today it is 40,000 feet below. So what....

Sure alternate energy is a great thing. We should defienetly kick our 
"addiction" to oil.

Higher oil prices will be what drives all the Alternate energy research, not the 
bleeding hearts that want to "save" the 

In large part, the economic expansion the U.S., and many parts of the world are 
experiencing is due in large part by 
these higher oil prices. In my world, life is good.

Let's stop drinking the cool-aid about us running out of oil.

Fill er' up

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