[permaculture] Art for Lands Sake - Raising Money for Permaculture Land

sharon pollitt art-for-lands-sake at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 11 14:44:33 EDT 2007

Hey everyone,
Thought some people might be interested in Art for Lands Sake. We're a 
cooperative based in Nottingham and we're saving to buy permaculture land 
using money donated by the public as well as selling songs donated by 
artists or anyone who has written one. Our current home is at 
www.myspace.com/artforlandssake and our songs can be bought at 
www.all4artists.com/artforlandssake. All the money we raise will go towards 
buying the land which will be used communally and sustainable and also for 
gatherings. I was wondering if we could get some feedback on what everything 
thought of the idea and also whether anyone was interested in donating or 
buying a song.
All the best,

Freida, Russ & Keith - The Art for Lands Sake Team

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