[permaculture] Soil Carbon Sequestration

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You make some good points. We are about to see a resurgence of nuclear power leaving an even greater legacy of nuclear waste for our distant descendents.? But while there is no question that the planet and life will recover from global warming (unless we are stupid enough to cause full scale runaway global warming).? There is a question of how well humanity will do, if we cause a huge species dieoff and devastate most eco-systems on the planet.? I think we need to deal with global warming as rapidly as?we deal with persistant pollutants in the atmosphere. I don't think it should be one over the other.

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Carbon carbon the inconvenient truth is that Lead,mercury and tritium
from coal and nuclear along with Dioxins and other hydrocarbons from
diesel such as PCBs are a  much more significant problem.If "Global
Warming" only has a baseline of 650,000 years on a planet that has had
and oxygen rich atmosphere for 2-3 billion yrs at least what do we
really know?
Lets deal with persistent pollutants ,nuclear contamination and heavy
metals FIRST, these are far more empirically clear as seriously
entrenched long term issues. 
Andrew Faust
The Center For Bioregional Living

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