[permaculture] Watch "Yeomans Keyline Plow - In Action"

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Thanks for posting the videos my friend Logan shot of you teaching in California.? There is even a shot of me in them, but nothing is perfect.? The next thing that is needed is some animation, if you can find the right person to do it.? You have done about as good a job as anybody in verbally describiing keyline, and if your verbal description could be combined with animated shots of what the plow is doing under the gound it would really help. I would also envision some animation of abstracted landscapes where keylines could be layed over the landscape and sites for ponds or dams as you called them could be placed.? I wish I had the skills to do this.

Larry Saltzman

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 Yeomans Keyline Plow - In Action

4 min 16 sec - Jul 10, 2007
 Description: Darren Doherty of Australia Felix Permaculture
(www.permaculture.biz) uses the Yeomans Keyline Plow in less than
favorable conditions at the 6 day Keyline Design Course in Goleta, CA
(USA). For the purposes of demonstration however this footage does the
job despite the dry conditions. We will endeavour to get some footage
of the plow operating in more ideal conditions in the Fall of 2007
when our next range of Keyline Courses are being run.

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