[permaculture] Adding a page to the perma wikiRe: Japanese hand tools

Paul Cereghino paul.cereghino at comcast.net
Sun Jul 8 01:53:19 EDT 2007

Thanks Robert,

I think it is a compatability issue with IE... at this point it works 
fine with FireFox... thanks for pointing it out, I'll see if I can 
figure it out.

To make a new page type in the page name as a search.  If no such page 
exists you will get a 'no page exists' report that will include a red 
link.  Any time you see a red link you can click on it and it will take 
you to an edit screen for a new page.

Alternately, you can edit an existing page, create a new link to a not 
yet existing page, then save your edit.  Your new link is in red... 
click it and you'll get to create the page.

Paul C.

Robert Waldrop wrote:

>I just signed up for a user account at your 
>permaculture info wiki, and want to add some 
>content, but I can't figure out how.  I read a 
>considerable amount of the help pages, but didn't 
>find the answer there.  Well, it is possible 
>(maybe even probable) that I read the answer but 
>didn't recognize it as such.
>Part of the problem may be that when I look at the 
>page, the top part of the content is covered up by 
>the green header, so I may be missing a "create 
>new page" link if there is one.
>Thanks for any help you can be with my problem.
>Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City 
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