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Paula Hatfield paulahatfield at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 7 13:54:36 EDT 2007

   I'm concerned about this situation, too.  I'm trying to make changes for myself and learning about permaculture.  But, I feel really weird in the American crowd -- you're right --- few grasp the severity of the problem.

Round Rock, TX

Tommy Tolson <healinghawk at earthlink.net> wrote: US culture seems to be on the verge of grasping the concept of Peak Oil.
No one seems to have a clue that the global oil supply will be exhausted 
by 2028.
That's 21 years, folks, before there is no more oil at any price.
Legendary Texas oilmen are developing wind farms.
What are you doing to prepare for a life without oil?
Without oil, the machinery of empire won't run.
Oilmen now run the machinery.
Satellite X-ray technology in 2003 said there was a trillion barrels of 
oil left in Earth.
Humans consume 28 billion barrels of oil per year and the rate is 
accelerating as China and India foolishly industrialize.
Isn't the oilmens' desperation understandable?
The US has controlled the global economy since FDR through forcing oil 
transfers to take place in US dollars.
Saddam's mistake was selling oil for euros, forcing oilmen to seek a 
more compliant thug to oversee the Iraqi oil supply.
Is it any wonder China and Russia want to hasten oil's exhaustion?
China's building ecocities (see www.ecocitybuilders.org).
Putin, an ex-KGB operative, is putting Russians back on the land.
In the US, we're driving monster SUVs, building McMansions ten feet 
apart, and cultivating denial.
Who wins the oil game?
Do you win the oil game?
Western Europe has been transitioning to ecovillages for a generation.
Their tall, compact villages are surrounded by biointensive farmland.
This model works without oil.
What is your model?
Does it work without oil?
Hadn't it better?

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX
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