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Looks like the invisible structures concept is getting some mileage
the KKK used it B4PC.
Tommy or Keith: Would you evaluate this for us. :-) LL

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Permaculture IMPERIUM Primer Series
Imperium Primer One -- Culture and Invisible Structures
Overview of Principles of Imperial Invisible Structures

An exegesis on the nature of all power, how it relates to Permaculture
and Invisible Structures, and its

consequences on liberty. How to build community outside of Imperial

Topics to be covered:

1. Invisible Structures based on Imperium.
2. Permits and Licenses a means of tyranny.
3. Tyranny & Despotism.
4. The Rule of Law v. the rule of men under color of law.
5. Imperium Naturale
6. Centralized Imperium equals death and slavery.
7. When republics become democracies and eventually empires under the
false doctrine of "divine right of kings."
8. Lex est Rex, not Rex est Lex (The Law is King, not the King is the
9. Government Cartels.
10. Parelell Outlaw Governments and how they build Government Cartels.
11. How people are converted to merchandise and traded on private
12. How men are oppressed by admiralty jurisdiction and how to get off
the ship.
13. The principles of political identification and how identification
is a means of enslavement.
14. Internal Imperium v. External Imperium.
15. Monopoly on force.
16. Using Imperium Rightly for earthcare, peoplecare, and surplus

and more . . . . .



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