[permaculture] green stink bugs

Patrick McKown identi1956 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 12:26:57 EDT 2007

Use a neem extract. Spray under the leaves. 

Stink bugs will feed in areas breached by other phytophagus insects. The neem will kill other
species and reduce these feeding opportunities. In the damaged tissue (browned or white areas) of
the plant water is sponged and the neem will concentrate there also. These areas are often used as
water holes by insects.

Diatomaceous earth use a hand_crank duster. The amount put down should be barely visible.These
skeletons of diatoms will cause the dehydration of stink bugs. Essentially they are bags of water.
They will be water stressed and die during the day in the Sun. Apply on the whole plant and at
their bases. The diatoms will become a permanent part of your growing system. Their utility will
continue for years to come.

Nematodes (STEINERNEMA CARPOSCAPSAE) foliar application. At night. Spray inside plants, under
cover. They will swim in condensing humidity and curl up during the day. This will give them time
to post themselves on the stems of the plant and 
set up to ambush traveling stink bugs. A night application will usually show dead bugs on the
garden floor by morning. Only on infecting nematode is needed to kill one bug. Start application
at sun down. 

Can be to applied also after a rain. These worms can travel 30m in any direction as long as they
can swim.

Stink bugs are less easily disturbed at night. Also because of lower temps their response is
slower and you will be more likely to hit them with a spray application directly. If you use a
flash light to guide. Put a yellow filter over the lens, this will not alert them.

If you mulch your plants in the Spring and Fall applications of nematodes will kill bugs taking
cover and especially for over wintering. Less will emerge in Spring. Because the mulch is warmer
you can apply even during frosts. It is not to late. 

There are other things you can do but this will give you quick results.

Pat McKown

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