[permaculture] couch-grass

Patrick McKown identi1956 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 01:27:53 EDT 2007

More calcium in your soil. Find a chelated calcium source. This will make the grass more
susceptible to fungus infections and slow its growth and allowed it to be killed. 

Also comfrey will kill it. Comfrey (Symphytum) should be available in your neighborhood since it
is native to Europe. The stems and leaves can be cut and laid on it to kill it. I use it for this
and also use it to provide barriers to keep the grass from invading production areas. It will kill
most grasses and weeds. Woody rhizome grasses such as Miscanthus are slowed by it but can be
invaded if the barriers are less than a meter wide. Very useful plant. It may also be even be more
useful in the coming years with the need for green alternatives to fuel. Use the Bocking hybrids
(russian comfrey). They don't spread. My barrier plantings have been working now for 18 + years
with no fert. additives. Fertilizing is not necessary. Their roots go down 3m easy pulling water
up into the upper soil layers too. Worms will also till the soil around the plants opening heavy
soils, making them less likely to hold water on the surface and this allow for a natural
absorption point for surface waster in clay soils that can go sour if it sits on top.

Comfrey can be cut several times a year and planted as long as the soil is not frozen.

Pat McKown

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