[permaculture] Political Control Over Globalization

Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 11:55:36 EDT 2007

I don't like to look at the conflict as "Corporate" in nature.  I'm seeing the same paradigm as practiced for 10,000 years, before corporations and before we knew we lived on a globe.  When we wear our blinders and see the world as top-down controllable, we become a part of that vision.  Unless we take these blinders off to see the folly, it will be hard to see the truth.  We will just keep sitting there on the run-a-way train and wonder about the nerve of others jumping out the windows.

"We forgot that we're only a single culture and came to think of ourselves as humanity itself."

Tribal lands have only been taken in the past under certain conditions.  Sometimes the tribes become stressed from cities justifying a need for more agricultural land as city populations overshoot.  Such tribes become demonized for the cannibalism that they become forced into (though more common in cities, thus a demon); become the slave labor force for an extremely inefficient and unreliable means of providing food; or are perceived as poor homeless savages that need to be "saved" and given "purpose" (slavery).  Otherwise, tribes become coerced by the thought of "land ownership" and become cities themselves.

"More land, more food production, more population growth.
With more people, we need more food.  With more food available, we soon have more people
With more people, we need more food. With more food, we soon have more people. With more people, we need more food. With more food, we soon have more people."

Now is the time to use the rules of city against itself, as we have no further that we can expand.  We don't have to be stuck in the vision of hierarchy.  I suggest using the rules of land ownership and corporations in ways that exist outside such a vision.  So long as we draw more energy from the global market than it draws from us, we win in the end.  However, we must comply in specific ways to avoid military conquest.  Use the system in a way that is not intended, otherwise known as hacking.

Get a life boat and be ready to pick up refugees.  We won't be able to save everyone, but we can try our best to get as many life boats together as we can manage.  Just get off the train before it's too late.

How it happens:

"It can happen that circumstances may shatter a culture's vision of its place in the scheme of things, may render its mythology meaningless, may strangle its song."..."Order and purpose are replaced by chaos and bewilderment."

How are we the same?  How are we a new vision?

Tommy Tolson <healinghawk at earthlink.net> wrote: Colin Mason writes, in /The 2030 Spike, "/Failure to redress the poverty most humans live in, and an almost total lack of political control over globalization - which is irresponsible in the pure sense of the word - are likely to increase economic disproportion and the conflict it causes."

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