[permaculture] Anastasia - The Ringing Cedars

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Tue Jul 3 08:50:51 EDT 2007

This turned into a really nice permaculture workshop in 
the remote Ozarks, in the tiny wayside town of Brixey. 

[permaculture] Permaculture workshop: Anastasia, Ringing Cedars, 
and Dacha Gardens in Russia
Sun Aug 21 23:07:56 EDT 2005 

Leo and his wife and daughter were living in a nearby cabin
and managing "Ringing Cedars Press" while he completed his
graduate work at Univ of Missouri in agroforestry.  They have
since returned to Russia to live on one of the eco-villages. 

Dacha gardens in Russia were already very well established 
and a central focus of many people's lives. The Anastasia 
movement that has blossomed since the late 1990s has added 
a spiritual/artistic dimension to the eco-village/dacha 
garden experience that is uplifting and refreshing. 

Ringing Cedars Press has since come out with six English
books in the Anastasia series. 

One of the gardening methods that Anastasia described is 
worth noting.  Stand bare foot in the garden -- in good
spirits and with an open heart -- and place seeds (untreated!) 
in your mouth to soak in saliva.  Plant the seeds and push 
and/or firm them in with your toes.  Raise the plants and 
keep the seeds, then repeat. As seeds are produced and 
replanted through multi-generations, the needs and 
DNA-terroir of the people and place become imprinted 
in the DNA of the seeds.  The plants respond and grow 
with the right nutrition and energy that the people 
living their need, they become extra adjusted to the 
soils and place. 

With Love, 
Steve Diver 

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