[permaculture] The Ringing Cedars, was Re: "We've got suicidal idiots in charge."

KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Tue Jul 3 08:09:09 EDT 2007

yarrow at sfo.com wrote:
> The ringing cedars: trees for self-reliance
I particularly enjoy this reference coming into that realm. As one who 
works in Circle Governance and empowering a change to a paradigm of 
responsibility, I have been part of discussions over the past 2 years of 
reclaiming titles. The word trust is linked to trees in several contexts 
and so much of our business language seems to harken to a time of a 
clearing where people meet together for exchange.
Within a ring of trees, a board to spread goods on was marked with 
standards from a ruler and/or a representative or statistical norm for 
the season.
In "Board of Trustees." Trustees are the "people of the trees" who 
maintain the board and assure access for all to a work place where 
decisions can be made fairly. Their experience can be sought or not by 
those meeting there. Even when they were not present their presence was 
acknowledged by those using the board by leaving offering at the base of 
a tree in the clearing.
Refreshing these models will be important if we reclaim small trade units.

ps can be offlist but I'd love any other connecting stories from other 
traditions which I'm sure are woven within us too and appropriate to 
other/treeless bioregions.
So far, US West, East, South (into Mexico), North (into Canada), Peru, 
Brazil, European Islands, EU, Former Soviet, all have the elders in the 
trees model dominant.
Anyone hold lore for other areas?

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