[permaculture] Design critiques

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Mon Jul 2 10:40:07 EDT 2007

 Hi Linda,

On Mon, 2 Jul 2007, you wrote:
> So while I would not support Microsoft personally ... it so happens
> they are a part of my current existence.

 This doesn't make sense to me, because you *are* supporting
 them personally.

 Anyhoo ... onto matters of different import.

> I always expected to save my visio files in another format for
> posting - jpg probably. I guess I imagined collaboration would be text
> oriented/conversation etc rather than physical design changes to the
> posted design... can we do that. 

 Yes, we can.  But you end up with many instances of the same
 file, as soon as you go graphic image, with each one being
 a variation of the one that came before it.  Consider what happens
 when you send a fax through several iterations of the fax machine.
 Same with JPG's (they're lossy).  SVG's are ideal, but probably
 beyond the scope of this discussion.  PNG's are portable (otherwise
 they'd be called NNG's I guess) and are not lossy, so would be
 the preferred choice for many, myself included.

 Some people are happy scribbling over an image, others with
 describing their changes in text format only.  The ways this could
 work in a wiki/cms environment are fascinating .. but I've not
 seen them tested at all.  The threat of the layout being munged up
 in the same way that this list is by people who insist on sending
 back a copy of everything they received, whenever they make
 a minor comment on same .. could render it unworkable.  Oh well.

> I will investigate the gimp or dia - any more info on what they are or
> do I just google them?

 If you type gimp into google, it's the first item shown.  Dia is
 the third (or the sixth if you're looking for the Windows version,
 for that MS operating system that you're supporting).

 So yes .. use a search engine.  Marvellous things.


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