[permaculture] "We've got suicidal idiots in charge."

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Mon Jul 2 02:41:36 EDT 2007

Linda Shewan wrote:

> It's true they are. What do we do?
> In Russia a book called Anastasia was written by a ex-merchant called
> Vladimir Megre. This was followed by a series of books, which are being
> progressively translated into English. A lot of the information within
> is seemingly beyond belief but the important message in the book is
> forming communities, living in tune with nature and healing the earth. I
> think we would all agree with that. 
> But more than that - Anastasia laid out a path for this to happen...
> every family must be given free of charge 1 hectare of land which is
> inheritable and on which no taxes may be paid, either on the land or on
> anything produced on this land. In 2003 Putin put this into law in
> Russia and communities are being formed. In 2006 he strengthened the law
> to acquire land for this purpose. This is all in the books but I have
> not verified.
> There are massive problems in Russia but if these communities can form,
> even individual families, on freely acquired land - so available to all,
> and attain food sovereignty for their families without fear of it being
> taken from them - then we are a long way forward than we are now. 

This is really amazing. I had no idea.
> Imagine the rush to the land if this was available in our so called
> advanced countries. 
> I believe this is the path we should follow. 
> Hard to see how we get there while governments in India, America and
> probably numerous other countries are stealing land from citizens for
> industry and actively trying to move smallholders off land for the
> agribusinesses - but if we hold a common vision then I believe it could
> come to pass. Anastasia talks constantly of how our thoughts and visions
> are what creates the future. Currently our visions are catastrophic -
> and we are seeing them come to pass. 
> Food sovereignty is our only hope for the future. Permaculture design
> techniques allow us to produce far more than required for an average
> family on 1 hectare of land. We have seen amazing examples on as little
> as 1/4 acre. 
> SO - how do we get Russia's homeland revolution onto our own soils! 

I like that. Permaculture, the Homeland Revolution for the Future.

> Do we appeal for legislation allowing barren lands destroyed by
> agriculture to be turned over free of charge to individuals or families
> willing to rejuvenate them. We know we can do it. With a maximum
> inheritable size limit of 1 hectare to allow the rejuvenated land to
> nourish hundreds of families. Do we work with local councils to make it
> happen in our own area. Do we get Anastasia out there on mass in our
> communities to change hearts and minds the way it has in Russia?
> What are people's thoughts on this idea? Am I just insane or is it
> possible?

Maybe in Russia but here? I would really like to see it. Getting th land free and clear and
designating it and products from it non-taxable would be a big issue. The way it could be done now,
but without free land and no taxes, is simply to work out a methodology with documentation for
acquiring land or sharing existing tracts of land already owned by one or more community members
for the purpose of forming communities and creating the means for people to collaborate and share their individual 
offerings to make it happen. Give a movement like this some political and economic clout.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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