[permaculture] Design critiques

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Mon Jul 2 02:27:54 EDT 2007

Linda Shewan wrote:

> Hi Jedd,
> I'm afraid that sometimes our personal hearts and minds are not always
> in sync with our families and other parts of our lives. So while I would
> not support Microsoft personally (I abhore the African green revolution
> idea as well as many other things that they are doing and have done), it

Good that you are tuned in and listening. One "green (NOT) revolution" should have been enough,
but a second? Only mickeysquishy. Why couldn't they have consulted with some permaculture people?
and organic farmers? Warren Buffet is a cool guy and I am impressed with him (waiting to see if Tommy has
poignant critique of him :-) as he did with RP.

> so happens they are a part of my current existence. Given that, no I
> don't see a problem with using it. But I would never use a chemical just
> because it is there. I don't even use natural pesticides in my garden
> because I believe any spray destroys the natural order of things. We all

Good point. Your definitely using observation and reflection, an important permaculture technique
used in site evaluation.

> draw different lines don't we... 
> I always expected to save my visio files in another format for posting -
> jpg probably. I guess I imagined collaboration would be text
> oriented/conversation etc rather than physical design changes to the
> posted design... can we do that.

What is a visio file? Generally proprietary graphical file format, especially obscure ones,
are to be avoided when collaborating on a public online information project, because few users will
be able to extract the data without going to a lot of extra trouble.
Can't you scan your blueprint, edit it in Photoshop and save it as a .jpg, then upload it for viewing by others.
If some wish to make changes, corrections or additions to it they can download it, print it, make changes, scan it,
load it into Photoshop, edit and save it then upload it alongside the original into the Wiki. If you've used a CAD or
vector graphics program to create it you could also upload those files for users to download and modify with the same 
programs if they have them. The .jpg version should always be created and uploaded so people can quickly review
your design and get on with suggestions for modifications..

 > And if so - what software is the wiki
> using to allow it??? 

Mediawiki, same app that Wikipedia uses. Its very powerful software.

> Or would you download it to your PC, change it and
> then upload your changed design back to the Wiki. As you can see I have
> no idea how the wiki operates and until I really do I am not sure how I
> am progressing...

Yes, see above.

> I will investigate the gimp or dia - any more info on what they are or
> do I just google them?
> Thanks for your input, Linda

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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