[permaculture] Design critiques

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sun Jul 1 09:39:16 EDT 2007

On Sun, 1 Jul 2007, Linda Shewan wrote:
> I will do that. Just updating my designs - might take a while, I'm using
> Microsoft Visio and I'm not very good at it... Any ideas for free
> software to create designs. Visio is free through business so...

 Hi Linda,

 That's a curious sentiment .. that because it's free (you mean
 that in the $-sense only) that it's okay to use.  I wonder how we'd
 react to people saying that glyphosate is okay to use so long as
 you don't pay for it.

 The trouble with using Visio is that in order to then collaborate
 with any other potential users of your data, these other people are
 obliged to acquire, at cost or at odds with the law, their own copy
 of that software.

 You may want to investigate the gimp or dia - the latter is
 probably more aligned to what you are trying to do, but I've
 had some measure of success with the former for doing overlays
 of design / tracking activities within my garden.

 The subject of actual design apps - gis, cad, landscape, architect,
 etc - that are free in the important sense of that word, comes up
 periodically.  The last time I was involved in that kind of discussion
 I think the consensus was that nothing comparable to the stuff
 that's available on The Beast's platform existed.


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